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Hello world! Welcome to my blog!
My name is Arelys Jimenez,  I am mother, wife, fine artist, the author and creative director

 of Genial Creation.  "GeNiAl" come from my three children's name and they were my first creation.  

I created this blog as a venue to show my arts, photography, designs,

 and whatever is around me, in other words, my blog is basically a visual content.  Genial

 Creation is a celebration of the natural beauty, 

inspired by the simple things of life. I never get tired for taking photos and I always find

 beauty in things that  incites me.  Can be decorating a room, the meal of the day or the

 rhythm of the music, my art is always evolving from time to time.

I am Dominican, therefore coming from a tropical place is obviously one of my sources of 

inspiration but also one of the things that inspires me is that I’m living in the New England

 area surrounded by nature, where I can appreciate the four seasons of the year.  I love the

 gardens and floral design so every year I attend at least one of the expo.  Also, I am part of

 art community where I get to know fine artists and show my arts with them.  This blog is

 bilingual, feel free to ask me either in Spanish or English.
Well, this is a little about me for now.  Maybe my blog will serve as inspiration to you.
Thank you for your visit!
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